Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let the games begin

This made me really happy last week.  I see a guy walk in with tubular eastons, no big deal...wants tires glued on, no big deal... overhear him talking to one of my awesome mechanics and hear 32's or 34's.....HOLD ON....  April 22nd and someone is bringing in wheels to be glued for Cross season!!!!  Hell YEAH!  
This guy is officially the first tubular set for cross season 2009, so I decided he deserved a hookup.  I am doing him up with the SETA, silk Challenge griffos in size 32, super nice, for the price of the std griffos.
My broken C50 cross.  :(  What a bummer.  I had it in Texas for a couple months for refinishing and the guy called me and told me it was busted, so now it's headed off to Calfee for frame repair.  They are kind of odd out there in CA but they fixed my Look 595, and I trust them to get the C50 back up to speed.  It was kind of bitter sweet because I got the call on the cracked colnago the same day I got the proof on our team's new custom cross frames, not sure if that is karma or what?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey there

New kicks are finally out, but haven't seen the light of day yet!  

Super nice Edge composite wheels are now available at the Pony shop!  These are sick light, like mavic ultimate light, 1160 grams...