Friday, July 25, 2008

Cyclocross Magazine


Cyclocross Magazine

I can remember when I first heard there was going to be a cyclocross magazine.  I have never jumped on and pre subscribed to a magazine I have never seen before, but had it been an option I would have punched the lifetime membership button.  What a great sport and I am all for supporting a magazine that dedicates itself to Cross.  So.. when recently emailing back and forth as to "where is the 3rd issue man!" they have suggested  "why not carry it at the store?"   So long story short we will now have Cyclocross Magazine in stock at The Pony Shop.  I will post as soon as the 3rd issue is in, which could be today!  

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Compton Wins Short Track National Championship

Katie Compton, four time cyclocross national champion,  took home the national championship sunday in the short track on this tricked out Primas Mootry.   Naturally she rode 29" wheels with Dugast 1.8 sew ups, can't stray too far from the roots.  I raced a crit in Evanston today, maybe I should have rode the cross bike, or at least Dugasts.  I've strayed too far to the dark side, but I did ride MTB with the trail boss on Friday.  Getting out to Palos was such a relief from the road, and power, and intervals.  The ride was especially nice since I had just gotten a new ride, Spot longboard, 29er singlespeed with belt drive.  So simple and quiet.   I almost can't wait for the fall so I can get out there every week once the shop slows a touch.   

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Team Helmet

Thanks to J.S. and all the people at Bell for keeping us safe and comfortable for the 2008 Cyclocross Season.  We'll be sporting the Bell Sweep in style.  I hoping for this one but I don't have as much pull as Cancellara or Thor.    Next year!  


First shipment is in house.  Challenge Griffo's in 32 and 34, and Challenge Griffo XS's in 32's.  I'm hoping to get through the season on 3 sets of tires baring any issues or flats.  One pair of the XS's, one pair of std, 32's and either the new Fango from Challenge or the DuGast Rhynos, which I have in the basement aging.  I want to open a store that has a walk in humidor filled with Tubulars.   That would be sweet.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brush Up

Who knows what these are?  OK, I can't keep a secret these are a couple hundred acid brushes waiting for some gluing action.  I have my secret stash of brushes, glue, tape, valve core extenders, aquaseal sidewall sealant, rubber gloves, and a couple dozen cans of pit stop repair sealant set aside.  Tubies are on order and should be in by the end of this month.  I will have Challenge Griffo and Griffo XS's in stock in both 32's and 34's.  I also hope to have the Challenge Fango Mud tire in stock as well, although I haven't seen these in the flesh just yet.  It's possible that I will have a select number of Dugast Rhynos in if the Fango's don't come about.  I thought a lot about the FMB's again and got to practice my french in emails back and forth with Francois, but decided that for the cross racing we do that the Challenge's provide a tire that will work well.  They are durable and not overly expensive. 

If you have any gluing needs please feel free to email me or stop by the shop.  I am happy to store your wheels at the shop if you need gluing until your select tires are in, this allows proper time for cleaning the old glue off the rim, stretching your new tires, and then the gluing process takes about 3 days to complete.  I glue dozens of tires every year and have refined the process I use over the last ten years.  Hope things are well, and I hope everyone has cyclocross dreams, I always do but that could be from inhaling too much glue before bed.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 Chicago Cyclocross Cup

The Chicago Cyclocross 2008 Series schedule has been announced, as well as the schedule there are some new start times as well.  There will be 10 or 11 races in 2008!   Wow, getting a bit nervous already.  Between Cross Vegas, a couple wisconsin races, and nationals, that makes a very busy fall.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Are you getting ready?

Tip from Brian at BSC Coaching:  "Cross is just around the corner.  If you are not racing the road, now is the time to get serious and start training.  Start those LT's.  --BSC Coaching."  Contact Brian at now to get set up on a plan for Cross season!  It's not too is the perfect time to get rolling.