Sunday, November 30, 2008


Day 2 at Jingle, don't know where to start.  Epic was the way to describe it.  Lots of embro, quick warm up, and it was go time!  After two back to back races yesterday i decided to just do the one today.  I can't put the course into words on paper.  It was hard, and muddy, and had lots and lots of climbing, running, carrying.  Epic.  The downhills were harrowing at best.  Not sue on everyone but..Lou 10th, 31st, and 8th, Kevin Klug 2nd and 2nd, Brian Conant 24th and 18th, Mike S 9th, and 19th, Aspen 18th ?, Jack 18th and 3rd!,  Mark F 18th and 15th, Devon 1st and 5th.  Too many to remember, lots of great races!  Hope you can make it next year.  I had a brainstorm list going on the drive home of what we need to bring next year to make everything even better!  Lots of photos.

This guy actually crashed on the downhill below and flipped over the fencing.
Look in the background... it wasn't out of the ordinary to see guys sliding down the hill ahead of their bikes.
Hemme rocking the 2/3's.
Aspen in the 2/3's.

This was the easy run up, which led to the off camber section.
Winter wonderland.  Overall great weekend!  Devon wins her first UCI cross race!  Got to spend time with lots of good friends, and race 3 cross races, doesn't get much better.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Courtesy of Eric S. This is the view from the top of Mt. Krumpit at Jingle Cross.  I'll try to post up some photos tomorrow after the pro race.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let it snow, please...


Winter Wonderland

Winter cyclocross tires.  Before you ask, nope can't race with studded tires at Montrose.  But if you are looking to ride all winter on the treacherous lake front path, these are the way to do it.  700x 35 reflective sidewalls, and I promise you can even ride around the curve on LSD at Oak street, 75.00 and in stock at pony.

Pimp Cross Bike

Scott's new Addict CX RC on cycling news.  Pretty bike, 14.8 lbs, 7500.00.  Photo by J. Haung.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Come on

Todd Wells rocking Shoe covers?  HTFU.  How the hell can you run with those?  How cold was it out there?

woodstock pics

All photos courtesy of Carolyn.  She takes some beautiful shots.  Thanks!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chicago Cyclocross Cup #9 Woodstock

It was a hike out to Woodstock and I got lost on the way home, but all in all it was well worth it.  The course was both the longest to date this year and had the most elevation gain of any course this year.  Combined these two made the race very difficult and fun.  I like the longer courses since it spreads out the racers more.  There were some nice sections of singletrack, pavement, off camber, one barrier section, and some sharp downhill turns.  It was an excellent course, and I think Jason Meshberg, co-designer of the Northbrook course had something to do with this one as well.  Maybe you should be a full time promotor!  

Our race was great, the first lap myself, Chris L (Verdigris), Chris S (World bicycle relief), Eric S (VQ), and Brian D (Verdigris) got a gap almost right away.  Eric led out most of the first lap, I kept close and just kept fighting forward for wheels, during the 2nd or 3rd lap I looked back to see Brian and Chris was in front of me, not the ideal situation for me!  I actually tried to attack them through the finish area,  not much of an attack but at least I made an effort, I felt like I was in a race.  Chris L is so strong that a lot of times someone will make one mistake or one lapse and he's goooooonnnnneeeee!  Most of the race is a blur but I kept fighting back to Chris and got in front with just over 1 lap to go, after that I just held on rode the good lines and sprinted as hard as I could for the W.  It felt great to win, that's the first win I had this year.  Thanks to everyone for cheering so loud too, Amy, Jason, Julie,Carolyn, Jessica just to name a few I heard you every lap.   Roman and I decided once wasn't going to be enough and lined up for the 123's race as well.  Mike totally dominated but I managed  not to get lapped and got 10th!  Roman was 14th in the 40's and 14th in the 123's, Jim was 7th? and ??, mark F 7th in the 30's, Mike Sherer dominated the pro race followed by Scott, Brian Conant, and Kevin Klug who fought back from a front flat to the front.  Carolyn was 8th in the womens 4's, jessica 3rd in the womens,  Holly K 2nd, Cliff was 5th in the 4a's! not sure yet on jack (heard talk of a flat!) Scott Starbuck did the 40's??  

Great day!  Next up Thanksgiving and Jingle cross!

Friday, November 21, 2008


2009 Giant TCR SL 1, with Dura ace 7900, Ksyrium Premium wheels, Dura Ace 7800 SRM.   I'm so in love with my RED can't wait to see what the 7900 has brought to the table.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday Practice

With the shop being closed on Wednesdays for the winter and the darkness setting in early these days I took a different approach to cyclocross practice this week.  A quick midmorning jaunt to Palos to ride the trails.  It was beautiful out, great trails, not too much mud, and quiet, very quiet.  It's great to get away from the city and the noise for a couple hours.   Sold out of 9 ball diaries today!  Rumors flying about new races for 2009?  Oh man, oh man.  I feel some double weekends going down for Chi cross cup 09!
Nope not my cross bike but it has the same wheel size so it counts.  29er and belt drive, love the spot.  Took 5 minutes to pressure wash it down after the ride, thanks everyone!!! 

Euro Trash

I've completely sold out to the full on Belgium style warm ups.  Gone are the days of leg or knee warmers, or mud on my skin suit during the warmups, for shame.  These Vermarc beauties are both stylish and functional.  Nice and warm slightly thicker than my leg warmers for extra protection during the cold warmups, elastic waste band, and most importantly full zipp down both sides.  Can't wait to try these out this weekend.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Race #9!  Looking crossy for Sunday.


Great video from Doc Roman!  

Monday, November 17, 2008


This is Brian Conant who is my coach, and hands down the best coach around.   Click to for the whole series. Brian lives, breathes, and loves cyclocross 365 days a year.  I have had lots of coaches over the years and no one puts the time, effort, and heart into cyclocross coaching the way Brian does.  How many people have coaches online or otherwise that haven't ever raced cross?  How can they possibly know what a race is like?  cyclocross power files barely tell 50% of the story.  You have to live it and race at a high level to understand the training, nutrition, and equitment needs.  Brian does, look at that smile on his face, what it doesn't tell you is that it was 30 degrees in Wisconsin in that photo.  Brian thanks for everything you do for us you're a good friend, and a super coach.