Thursday, November 6, 2008


I dig these bars for cross.  It's the Zipp SLC2 Short and shallow.  The drop is 2cm less than the Ritcheys I've been running and the flat section in the drop is longer and easier to reach the brake lever for me.  The only problem is that the sanded section where the clamp aligns wasn't high enough for where I wanted to rock the cross levers.  I used some 800 grit sand paper underneath and at the proper torque spec of 6-8 Nm there seems to be no slippage at all.   The ritcheys were giving me bruises on my forearms from when I got in the drops and sprinted because of the angle at which I had to tilt the bars to get the hoods crossy high.  I love the ritchey goods but these seems like a good match for me, and hopefully I will be rocking the drops more often with this set up.  I tried to stay down a lot more at St. Charles and I think it helped.  The added bonus is that SRAM now owns Zipp and we love SRAM at The Pony Shop!
I have 2 riders lined up for demo wheels on Sunday one for the 30 plus race, and one for the 4a's. Anyone else let me know and we'll work out the trade.  Sunday is looking like super hard cross conditions, wet muddy, and cold.  Perfect....Mike and Pam are coming up from Indiana for Sunday's race.  Talk of 09 pony shop cyclocross is already getting me stoked for next year.  Custom frames and trying to up things to the next level of support have me super excited.  I have been secretly searching for my dream vehicle