Sunday, November 16, 2008

Race #8 Chicago cyclocross cup Lansing

Thanks to the South Chicago Wheelman for having us back for race #8 of the series.  The course, as so many of them have been this year, was better than 2007.  The park doesn't have any elevation change, so they really used everything they could including a possible 4 dismounts per lap if you didn't ride the sand.  The chicanes were nice and really started bedding in for good cornering without needing to brake beforehand.  The sandpit was choppy and deep!  There was a barrier about 30 feet before the pit and you really had to haul to get back to speed.  I think I rode it clean maybe 14 out of 17 times...or close to that.  I was so tired at the end, you couldn't back down entering half assed.  As Trail Boss would say "Hesitation is devastation".

Race #1 the 30's...same old story for me.  Chris from Verdigris whooped us with a smile, his team mate Brian put in a wicked surge and outsprinted me for 2nd, me 3rd, then Keith, Eric S., Strout, think Mark was 8th.  It was a good race, reminded me how a bad start can be really bad, it is super hard to move up and watching the front of the race move away from you is really tough, patience is not my best virtue.  I made some close passes and people let me sneak by without any problems.  Once things settled in on the 3rd lap I was able to make it up to Eric, Chris S,  and Matt, then track down Keith to be in second, I closed here and there on Chris but never put him into any concern.  

Race #2 was an experiment of sorts, just 2 hours after my race and still in my roubaix skin suit hoping the embro that accidentally slid south is killing a bit of the bacteria that could be roaming about after sitting in chamois post 30 plus race.  Pro 1/2 with the Collegiate a's mixed in for good measure.  This put the field at maybe 25?  I lined up behind Kevin K and Conant for what was likely going to be the holeshot. I got a good start, might I say a bit faster than the 30's start, and settled in the top 10 for awhile.  I felt great for the first 4 or 5 laps, then noticed that they hadn't put laps to go up yet????  when they did it didn't help my psyche to see 6 to go.  Sixty minutes is a lot longer than 45.  The wheels kind of fell off, Roman and Jim with the video camera and all the crew from Half Acre and their sand pit friends (I must say I want a brat real bad, and would have taken a brat hand up), Jessica, Carolyn, and everyone yelling kept me going to the end.  A collegiate kid won, Sram guy second, Klug then Conant.  Eric S and I were 12th and 13th, but apparently there was an error and we moved up to 11th and 12th overall, but the collegiate race is scored separately, whoo hoo.  So I think we end up maybe 7th and 8th

Other known results....40 plus Bryan Rheude 3rd, Jim 12th, Roman ??, Jack 1st 4a's, Cliff 10th, Carolyn? Mark F 8th 30 plus, Eric S 5th 30's, Strizout 6th 30's, Rudrud did 1.2 races 40 plus and a bit of the 30's, Devon 3's?? Holly won the 1/2/3 womens race, Debbie 2nd, Jessica 5th  Mike got 2nd in his OVCX series race.  

Wow good day I'm tired, photos soon I'm sure!  Great job everyone!!!  

Woodstock CX x 2?
Jingle Cross x 2
Montrose CX state championships x 2
Nationals 2

If I race as much as possible I can do 8 more races this season.  If I get a UCI licence I can possibly do doubles at Jingle Cross and do 10 more!