Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chicago Cyclocross Cup #9 Woodstock

It was a hike out to Woodstock and I got lost on the way home, but all in all it was well worth it.  The course was both the longest to date this year and had the most elevation gain of any course this year.  Combined these two made the race very difficult and fun.  I like the longer courses since it spreads out the racers more.  There were some nice sections of singletrack, pavement, off camber, one barrier section, and some sharp downhill turns.  It was an excellent course, and I think Jason Meshberg, co-designer of the Northbrook course had something to do with this one as well.  Maybe you should be a full time promotor!  

Our race was great, the first lap myself, Chris L (Verdigris), Chris S (World bicycle relief), Eric S (VQ), and Brian D (Verdigris) got a gap almost right away.  Eric led out most of the first lap, I kept close and just kept fighting forward for wheels, during the 2nd or 3rd lap I looked back to see Brian and Chris was in front of me, not the ideal situation for me!  I actually tried to attack them through the finish area,  not much of an attack but at least I made an effort, I felt like I was in a race.  Chris L is so strong that a lot of times someone will make one mistake or one lapse and he's goooooonnnnneeeee!  Most of the race is a blur but I kept fighting back to Chris and got in front with just over 1 lap to go, after that I just held on rode the good lines and sprinted as hard as I could for the W.  It felt great to win, that's the first win I had this year.  Thanks to everyone for cheering so loud too, Amy, Jason, Julie,Carolyn, Jessica just to name a few I heard you every lap.   Roman and I decided once wasn't going to be enough and lined up for the 123's race as well.  Mike totally dominated but I managed  not to get lapped and got 10th!  Roman was 14th in the 40's and 14th in the 123's, Jim was 7th? and ??, mark F 7th in the 30's, Mike Sherer dominated the pro race followed by Scott, Brian Conant, and Kevin Klug who fought back from a front flat to the front.  Carolyn was 8th in the womens 4's, jessica 3rd in the womens,  Holly K 2nd, Cliff was 5th in the 4a's! not sure yet on jack (heard talk of a flat!) Scott Starbuck did the 40's??  

Great day!  Next up Thanksgiving and Jingle cross!