Sunday, November 9, 2008


What a great weekend.  The Geese lent us their park for the latest stop in the formidable Chicago cyclocross cup.  The race today was #7 in the best race series in Chicago!  It's the only cross series, but really, what other race series in chicagoland even comes close? 

 On to the race...Thank you to the Garner Northbrook Bike Club and Flatlandia Cycling Team for setting up a fantastic course, which had two rarities, no man made barriers, and 2 stair run ups per lap. I never really thought about the lack of barriers, didn't miss them at all, the course had a really good flow to it, with lots of turns, but more importantly off camber turns, very tricky. The weather helped add to the technical challenge of the course and made it really feel like the Motherland.  Rode the DuGast Rynos in 32 today, which were awesome on the off camber stuff and I managed to stay upright the entire time.  I did the 30 plus and ended up 3rd, which I was happy with. Eric and I rode a lot of the race in close proximity and I had to dig super deep to stay with him on the flats and road section. The Northbrook cycle club had hot coffee, hot chocolate, and all kinds of treats for everyone at the race, which was greatly appreciated!  There were tons of people out from the the weekend rides and it was great to see them all and hear the screaming from the sidelines!  Thanks to Aram, John A, Ed , Bolling, and everyone for all the encouragement and for standing outside in the cold for hours to watch a race! 

 Not sure of all the results, but Jack and Cliff were top 15 I believe it the 4's, Mike won the pro 1/2 and luca was 5th, EJ and Dan both did the 40's Dan doubled up and did the 3's right after, Devon was 11th? in the mens 3's, Aspen has some back trouble, Carolyn 17th, Jim was 11th in the 40's, and Roman "I'll never ride clinchers again" was 15th ish after a wicked start.  Wish Scott happy healing, he might be out for the season with an ankle injury.  
Mike Sherer lap 3 and not looking back on his way to 1st.
40 plus lap 1 Roman and Jim rocking it out.
1st lap 30 plus, Chris is exiting the photo there, me, Robbie, Matt Sylvia, Eric, Keith all right there.  Looking down that line really gives it some perspective how many of us are out there fighting and scratching for one more wheel, one higher place, one clean lap, one strong finish.  It's been so great to know everyone better as the year goes on, names and faces, being able to help guys out when needed.  I'm really proud of what I've done this year at the races, but I'm just as proud to be a small part of the cross "scene" in Chicagoland.   Thanks to Ed Roles of C4 for the wicked awesome photos!   

Mike Sherer in the house.  It was nice to have him and Pam make it in for the race.
Gaggle of C50's, had to take that photo, not too often we have three C50 cross bikes in at the same time.  How many X-Nights can we get at the same time??