Sunday, November 30, 2008


Day 2 at Jingle, don't know where to start.  Epic was the way to describe it.  Lots of embro, quick warm up, and it was go time!  After two back to back races yesterday i decided to just do the one today.  I can't put the course into words on paper.  It was hard, and muddy, and had lots and lots of climbing, running, carrying.  Epic.  The downhills were harrowing at best.  Not sue on everyone but..Lou 10th, 31st, and 8th, Kevin Klug 2nd and 2nd, Brian Conant 24th and 18th, Mike S 9th, and 19th, Aspen 18th ?, Jack 18th and 3rd!,  Mark F 18th and 15th, Devon 1st and 5th.  Too many to remember, lots of great races!  Hope you can make it next year.  I had a brainstorm list going on the drive home of what we need to bring next year to make everything even better!  Lots of photos.

This guy actually crashed on the downhill below and flipped over the fencing.
Look in the background... it wasn't out of the ordinary to see guys sliding down the hill ahead of their bikes.
Hemme rocking the 2/3's.
Aspen in the 2/3's.

This was the easy run up, which led to the off camber section.
Winter wonderland.  Overall great weekend!  Devon wins her first UCI cross race!  Got to spend time with lots of good friends, and race 3 cross races, doesn't get much better.