Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My daughter and I drove out to Northbrook today to spend a little of our veteran's day off cleaning up the course and taking some photos of the track.   The after effects are really interesting.  First the amazing part was that we didn't even fill 1/3 of a trash bag from the whole walk around, not that people haven't already picked up, but we were really searching, and cross people leave a clean park!  
The start finish area, you can hardly tell anyone rode through there, much less over 2500 laps on this course.

The transitions from grass to pavement, this one before the second stair run, were some of the muddier areas.  
Most spots both on the hill and around the course were just in a matted down condition, the grass is in fine shape just smashed down flat.  It will be great to see how quickly this park will come back to normal.  There are some great examples of how quickly damaged areas are returned to normal here, the photos on this website are much worse than anything we saw in Northbrook today.