Monday, November 3, 2008

Campton Cyclocross Race #6

Yesterday's race really had it all.  Ara, Zach and the guys from bicycle heaven really put things together.  The course was similar to what Brian Conant had laid out in years past but they ran it in the reverse this year, which was actually safer, and added some new elements for more technical difficulty.   Once again we didn't quite get the rain or nasty weather to add difficulty but the course had enough transitions from fast pavement to off camber turns to gravel, no more technical sections were needed!  After three laps of preriding I was predicting some crashes.  
It was cool to have Chris Strout out there in the race, but we were missing Matt Silvia this week, he always has an awesome start, so I looked behind me and Chris was there, so I told him that I was really going for the hole shot.  He said "I know that's why I'm here".   Cool didn't want to disappoint so I drilled it and got a great start, which really helped a lot.  I tried my best but couldn't get Chris from verdigris back, once you give him a little gap it's really  tough.  I was shocked on how much lapped traffic there was this race!  It might just have been more noticeable because of the course and how many tight turns there were.  I tried to be polite to everyone but I was cursing a little under my breath at times, but that's all part of the race and everyone has to execute safe fair passes, everyone is racing out there.  I ended up 2nd and was really happy with that.  
The team results are not all in but from what I know....Carolyn has the best start I've seen all year and rocked them off the line....Jack took 3rd 4a's, Cliff had his best result in the 4a's at 5th, Luca finished 8th in the 1/2's on a Single speed, I think Coach Brian was 2nd in the Pro 1/2, Brian Rheude 3rd in the 40 plus, Roman back with a good race was 12th in the 40's, Jim had some bad luck and flatted, ending up 20th in the 40's, Scott starbuck was up in the teens in the 4a's, no doubt due to his mountain biking skills, Devon raced the 3's again and put the boys to shame, Aspen did the 123's but waiting on that result, and some others out there also.  Special mention to EJ and Dan who both lined up not only for the 40 plus but immediately following in the 3's.  EJ didn't last long but with the road rash he took in the 40's crash I would have been straight for the car not racing again.  Chris Strout finished 3rd in his first race back from semi retirement of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup.   I can't say how good it is to have Strout back out there. He was such an influence to a lot of people I know getting interested, hooked, and addicted to cross.
Team dinner at EJ's this Friday don't forget!  I hope you all can make it, Mike is coming up for next weekend's race.  Mike finished 3rd in the OVCX race on Sunday, sounds like that series is getting huge!!  Thank you EJ and Luca for setting this up for us.