Sunday, July 20, 2008

Compton Wins Short Track National Championship

Katie Compton, four time cyclocross national champion,  took home the national championship sunday in the short track on this tricked out Primas Mootry.   Naturally she rode 29" wheels with Dugast 1.8 sew ups, can't stray too far from the roots.  I raced a crit in Evanston today, maybe I should have rode the cross bike, or at least Dugasts.  I've strayed too far to the dark side, but I did ride MTB with the trail boss on Friday.  Getting out to Palos was such a relief from the road, and power, and intervals.  The ride was especially nice since I had just gotten a new ride, Spot longboard, 29er singlespeed with belt drive.  So simple and quiet.   I almost can't wait for the fall so I can get out there every week once the shop slows a touch.