Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today was filled with firsts for the year...first cyclocross practice, first time over the barriers this year, first mass start, first time cornering on wet grass in the rain, first time boxing someone out in the corner, first time feeling my both my tires just barely break free at the same moment in a corner, Jim's first ride on the new cross bike, Jim's first ride on tubulars, damn good day if you ask me.

Jim, Roman, Mark F, Alister, Cliff, Scott, and I did an hour over at James park.  Did some starts, some tempo, lots of barriers, felt like just enough.  Alister is a master on the cross bike, I need to get some video tape of him before he and Laura move back east.  My barriers seem short, maybe it's the grass that makes them look low?  I think I'm going to jack them up a bit, better a bit high then too low right?  That begs the question are we even going to have barriers any more?  I heard there will be barriers at Jackson Park, but haven't heard about any other courses for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup.  Any word on that???  

Wow that's the most links I've ever done, that is a pain in the rear.  Not so many next time, just wanted to try then I didn't want to hurt any one's feelings if I left someone unlinked.