Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Closer, closer, closer.....

Haven't been updating much, not that there hasn't been a lot happening. Summer is in full swing, the shop is rocking, been riding a ton, training, and just having a great summer. Our cross team has grown in numbers and we are all super excited to get new bikes, gear, and get practicing. Here are some photos of stuff around the shop... I have been updating the pony shop facebook page more often and intend to keep up with that more since it seems a bit quicker and easier than blogging. check it here if you're into facebook! I have redline cyclocross bikes on sale, including the 24" variety, Ridley bikes just shipped and will be on the floor next week!
2010 SRAM Force Components! We have over 30 kits ordered for the new cyclocross season!
Lots of Dugasts in stock ready to be stretched and glued.

Griffo Clinchers for those who are tubular impaired.
First shipment of Challenge tires is finally here! This is no joke I have over 100 tubies in stock right now ready for the season. If you need tires please shoot me an email any time, or bring your CX wheels in I'll stretch and glue them up for whenever you need them. I'll even store them at the shop if you'd like till you're ready for them.