Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well Hello there...

Boy it's been awhile. I'll try to get back up to speed here. I've been posting consistently (daily) on our facebook page, which is infinately easier.

This is Jackson Park, which was an awesome race! 3 of the top 4 were Pony Shop Team guys but Jason Knauff director of the CCC came around me and I was first loser. Very fun race and I was stoked with the result for the first race!
We got lots of new goodies in stock, especially cross stuff! FMB tires, Challenge tires, new Mavic Fury and Chasm mtn shoes, rain booties, winter goods, everything is rolling in!

This is the gang with Mr. Colnago himself. It was an honor to meet the man, and more of an honor for him to tell me the Prestige I built was the nicest he's had at a show.
That's my pain face in DeKalb. I raced harder and faster than Jackson Park and raced into 5th place. I was super happy with that, I tried to make the race hard, fought back when I could, and was stoked my team mate Eric took the W!
This is one of those things you find when you go to a cross shop, I like these chain keepers, they're working really well for me, and now we have a bunch in stock!!