Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reset! Cyclocross Magazine Issue 5

Issue #5 in stock at The Pony Shop!  Come and get yours, lots of good reading info!  I rode then was laid up on the couch for 3 hours reading everything with my coffee.

Not too much happening right now around the shop, checking in new inventory, year end fiscals, nothing terribly exciting, except a few super nice road bikes going out and overhauls.  This is preseason time for the roadie in us.  Time to prep the bike, new parts, frame, start training, marking down on the calendar what races to do.  I just can't quite get into it, not like cross, although I may do an April road race.  I am looking forward to riding the road bike with my friends on a group ride and having coffee before and after.  I'm missing my winter training partner lately, but can't blame him since he's riding in Hawaii, and the max temp I saw outside this week was 34. 
This was Devon's frame, now my parts are on it.  I figured since we may do custom Cannondale's next year I should probably ride one for a bit to make sure.  It rides super nice, haven't been able to ride it off road, on trails, or with tubulars yet though.  
This is Fizik's new Antares saddle.  I really like it so far, it's similar to an Arione but a bit shorter and no seams in the center.  
This is my new water bottle.  I put one swiss miss cocoa packet in there, then fill with boiling water out of the kettle.  It is awesome, even today with sub 10 degree temps, the cocoa was hot after 2 hours.  A standard bottle doesn't last 20 minutes before freezing.