Friday, January 30, 2009


Luca and I were chatting about who is going to win the World championships this year and I am thinking Stybar is my favorite followed by Boom and Nys.  This photo by Jeremy Powers confirms that, it's from his new journal entry on VN.  Stybar hired a driver on a durny to motor pace him during practice on the pavement sections of the World Championship course, now that is sick dedication.  Damn Jpow is good with the camera, the special edition Challenge Red 34 tire photo below is also courtesy of him.
Reading all the worlds info and seeing photos of everyone training on the course is making me jones to ride my cross bike again.  I can't believe that Katie can't get shimano to pay for her stuff?  That seems like a damn shame.  Her bike needs a BKW stylist to do some work on it though, it needs a different look, she is world class and she deserves a bike that looks it, not unlike NYS's Colnago.