Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We FINALLY have more tires on the way! Challenge Griffo in 32's are en route. I'd be happy to set some aside for anyone just let me know if you're are in need.

Team bikes are almost done, almost... I have 5 more to go then we'll be in good shape.

Pony Shop practices are back on at James Park in Evanston. Every Wednesday (today) at 6:00 pm James park, which is on Oakton just west of Dodge ave across from the Home Depot.

Trying out that Paul's component front chainring guide, verdict is still out on that one....Loving the fmb semi slicks, still have some 32 and 34's available.

Waiting on shop clothing, thinking about doing Church cross this Sunday??

3 weeks till Interbike! Yikes, I'm stoked to be able to do updates from the phone while we're out there, should be cool!