Sunday, June 1, 2008

Double it up

Since cross season is still a couple of months away I keep my body occupied with the road, but thoughts of the cross bike keep creeping in.  I keep starting to build them back up but something tells me to hold off just a bit longer.  I still have to figure out what I'm building up with parts wise.  Doing new Crank Bros pedals and headsets this year for certain.  These or their white brothas are going to be a must for the stoppers, even though stopping in cross is so not important.  I'm considering setting one bike up as a double and one as a single, ala Mike Sherer.  I am just such a nerd for having the two bikes be the same.  I used the pit bike a lot last year, more than I would have thought, and it was nice for them to be identical.  

Once the parts are figured out then the training has to start.  People are already talking about it.  Mike's lining up parts for the fall even though he has another 50 road races to do this year, Mark and Jim were talking today about when we started cross practice last year and if we could move it up to July this year.  I'm really getting tempted to try and sit in on the Judson ride on the cross bike in lieu of some actual motor pacing.  I was talking with RF today and actually kind of got reminiscent about doing some cross intervals that Brian set me up with last year.  Man those are going to hurt.   Anyone who is new on the BSC Cyclocross train I promise you will be ready for this year after these workouts.  Riders ready.....