Thursday, June 26, 2008


Mike Sherer has provided me with some much needed motivation.  I've been seeing little bits and pieces on the order sheets I enter during a hectic week.  TRP, Fizik, 42's, 12-27's, mostly ordered in quantities of 2 or 4.  We open at 11, but Mike has been rolling through at 9 am on most mornings to sneak in a coupe hours of work on his bikes.  Mike is a Category 1 road racer and in the heat of his season, he's had one weekend off in the last 4 months, but he's in early working on these.   They're stunning bikes really, just slightly different, but so esthetically pleasing.  Mike runs one double and one single.  He has the legs and does the nationals where a 42 just isn't going to cut it, wish I had that problem. 

I walk past these two bikes at least twenty times a day, just taunting me.  I packed up both my cross bikes in bike boxes and put them in my basement at home in January last year (this year I guess) but needless to say I couldn't resist the temptation any longer.  They're out and one is all built up, spun it around today, feels crazy strange.  I'm used to SRAM Red now and the DA is so odd, my thumb feels trapped on the hoods somehow.   I have it in the window so I can stare at it while I work.  Two more cyclocross bikes to build, the training bike with power and the A bike.  Can't wait to start gluing up some fat tubulars.