Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a fantastic race we had today.  The course design by Chris Dimick of Turin was great, he showed off how much of the park we haven't used in the past today.  There really are probably 10 uci level courses possible at Montrose.  The weather once again didn't disappoint.  I want to say thank you to everyone on The Pony Shop team, all the racers out on the course, the race directors, officials, our shop sponsors, the sponsors of The Chicago Cyclocross Cup, and especially my and all of the families who support us to come out and race around having so much fun.  This has truly been a fantastic season, the cup has grown, and seeing more people out having so much fun has been awesome.

My race today didn't go as planned.  I needed to be stellar today to win, and I took chances I shouldn't have, which led to a mechanical and any shot I had at the podium.  I did a bit of running and chased back a few spots after getting a spare bike.  The only mechanical all year, figures it's on the biggest day of the year!  Our racers were all over the place today out there in force.  Here's what I remember/know.  Brian Conant 1st place Gold! in the 40+, me 7th, mark Feary 9th, Mike S 5th(flatted while out front and ran half a lap, sounds familiar??), Luca Lenzi 3rd (bronze medal in for Pro 1/2), Devon 1st (gold baby!), aspen? Carolyn? Jack 4th, Cliff 4th, Sam? I'm sorry I should have written these down!  

Overall what a great day!  Thank you to everyone who came out today to cheer the team on, I heard you the whole race, sorry I couldn't deliver the W...