Monday, December 15, 2008


Well the season is over!  Boo!  As you can see below while I should have been riding in KC I was taking my bikes apart at the gold old Pony.  Too many things added up for me, and after 12 sundays in a row, my daughter looked me and doubt set in.  I had a great weekend at home with the family.  I had a wonderful season and the family and my bike need a break.  The frame is on the way in to be refinished, back to new I hope....
Nationals sounded like a blast, still can't find too many photos, but I stole this one below from Mike's site.  He has a good recap of his racing this weekend, had an awesome ride, even with trouble to finish on the podium of the D1 race.  Brian had a good ride in the masters race.  And Devon is our new Colligate D2 National champion.  What impresses about Devon is that she raced the elite race 1 hour after her win in the colligate race, and was riding in 8th for most of the race!  
We have lots in store for 09 and I look forward to keeping the team going for years to come.  It has truly been a pleasure working with everyone.