Monday, December 29, 2008

What now

I got a call today from a rep who is sending me a new cyclocross frame to "try out".  As awesome as that was the best part was him saying "wait you aren't still racing cross?  Doesn't the season go until February up there?"  Ha... i freaking wish.  If it did I wouldn't be wondering what to write about, missing my friends, and organizing my "cross" book marks, into cross parts, cross races, cross training, cross riders, and cross news.  Although that sounds really fun it wasn't that exciting although it is quite efficient now.  

It would be awesome to still be racing, but the hard part as one of the USA cycling officials who was in today told me, is finding someone who wants to stand out in the cold all day and officiate or host a race in this weather.  People are doing it though, just saw this recently,  they are still racing in Virginia, and so is North Carolina, they have five races in January/February.  Maybe I need a road trip.  

All that people talk leads me to think about how I can contribute more to the Chicago Cup.  We've talked about hosting a race and are meeting with people to figure out if we can use our ultimate venue, that would be great.  If that doesn't work out I want to help out with the Cup in some other way, whether that is sponsor prizes, prize money, volunteer to help set up a race with another club, something else.  The series has grown so much and everyone has done so much work to make it all happen.  I want to help out next year in some capacity to keep it all rolling.  

I am excited for next season and can't wait to see what is possible.  New teams?  more races? new venues? better courses?  I have to say that this year everyone who put on a Chicago Cup race really stepped their game up a notch.  The favorites by the poll were Northbrook, Woodstock, Montrose, and Dekalb.  So three out of the four were new venues!  It's pretty cool to have new places to race not to mention new courses every year.

We don't have any more races to do this winter but follow these US riders who are in Belgium duking it out with the old guard.  Molly, Brian Matter, Troy wells, J Powers, and if you're really feeling down read this from Greg's trip to Belgium for Master's Worlds 2008, because I'm going sooner than later.  I am obsessed.