Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back from the dead

I wish I had before pictures of this one.  Reminder, if you haven't ridden your bike since last cross season, except for those few rides in the freshly salted roads, might be a good time to get her into the shop....  This one took 6 hours to get back to race shape, poor thing.  I had to cut the chain in 4 pieces to get it off of the bike, new hub bearings, bb bearings, tubies, and cables, but she's ready to go!  The owner thought I might repo the bike! 

Seriously though I am loving my job this week.  Just back from Wisconsin fishing, nothing but cross bikes, cross frame sets, tubulars, and wheels hanging all round me.  It's awesome.  Practice tonight, the temps dropped from 90's yesterday to a very crossy 68 today.  Very nice.