Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Riders

I realized that I haven't really introduced who is on the Pony Shop cyclocross team.  It's really a bunch of guys who all have shown tons of enthusiasm for the cyclocross scene and enjoy riding together and helping each other out when possible.  Many of our team members are also sponsors of the team as well.  Our goal for this year was to get a good group of people together, and financially to help support some of the younger riders including kit and entry fees for four collegiate riders.  I am very interested in expanding by adding juniors to the roster.  If anyone knows of a local junior who might be interested I would like to meet them.  On to the roster.

Brian Conant pro 1/2
Mark Feary 30+, and 3's
EJ Lenzi 40+
Daniel Rudrud 40+
Luca Lenzi pro 1/2, U23, collegiate
Mike Sherer pro 1/2, U23, collegiate
Devon Haskel womens pro 1/2, collegiate
Aspen Gory 3's, collegiate
Bryan Rheude 3's, 40+
Cliff Golz 4's
Carolyn Golz Womens 4's
Josh Mallan 50+
Mike Jones 40+
Roman Mandzij 40+, 3's
Jim Brady 40+, 3's
Scott Starbuck 40+, 4's
Lou Kuhn 30+, pro1/2

Hope to see everyone on Sunday!