Thursday, September 4, 2008

Practice 4

Practice #4, great weather, good turn out, 11 people total.  Lots of fun out there, I managed to crash not once but twice, Jim drew blood (blames it on his pedals), one tire popped off the rim, so yeah maybe if they were glued last year it's a good idea to reglue them before this season.  It's exciting to see everyone's excitement build for the sport.  I'll be sad to see Laura and Alister move as they certainly add a lot to our sport, and Alister certainly pushes me to be better.  Had at least one new person in the group, welcome George, hope to see you all next Wed.

Brian Conant Coach tip....

"When coming into the barriers, there is nothing wrong w/ dismounting early where you  have to take 3 or 4 steps before the 1st barrier.  This allows for some time if you happen to have trouble getting out of the pedal- hopefully keeping you from eating the barrier.

This is especially good for those just starting cross."

Maybe I should have read that before practice....but then again I think if you don't crash once in awhile you're not going fast enough.