Monday, September 22, 2008

Jackson Park CX#1

Wow so much activity this weekend, before we get to Jackson Park, just wanted to note that Both Mike Sherer and Devon scored some of the elusive UCI points they were after this weekend.  Mike nabbed 6 in Michigan after a nice sprint finish with Steve Tilford.  Devon got 4th on Saturday despite some mechanicals, and 2nd on Sunday!  Congrats to them both, Aspen, and Ben for racing a great double weekend.

Pony Shop had so many racers and supporters I think we did a great job at Jackson Park.  I spoke with lots of guys at the race who asked about the kits and our sponsors, one parent stopped me and asked me to thank EJ for sponsoring the Junior races, that was really cool.  The part that I was most impressed with was how almost everyone (insert joke about me here) improved greatly this year over their races last year.  Seeing everyone stoked with their result really makes the difference and reminds me why this sport is so much fun.  No one wants to leave the course, it's so fun to be around.  Full results will be posted shortly I'm sure.  Some notables were Brian Conant and Luca going 1/2 in the pro race, Roman, Jim, and Bryan R. all top 10 in the staked 40 plus field, which also had a funky start...Carolyn kicked multiple buts in the women's race, Cliff top ten in the 4a's, Scott top 20 I think... lots more but don't remember them all!  

The course XXX laid out was really great, much improved from last year, with just enough room for recovery lots of turning, and some off camber stuff.  It was super organized and it was really cool to pick up the new t shirts there also.  I will be wearing my with price at Interbike.  My race didn't quite go as planned.  I crashed hard on the first lap around those willow trees, which I thought were a little dangerous, and never really recovered well.  I was so freaked out for the next two laps that people were just riding away from me.  I managed to find a good rhythm on the last three laps and reeled some guys back in and passed them, trying to sprint for 9th with Matt Silva, but ended up 10th.  I've got about 20 calls and texts with "what happened".  The truth is I'm not sure.  I felt like I rode hard, but just didn't have the head or the legs today.  I'm hoping to improve on that result as we move forward throughout the season.  I have searched yee old files and nothing really stands out that I did differently than last year, I haven't quit training, so either everyone got a lot better, or I just rode a bad race and the result is what it is, a  place to start.  

These cool photos are from velosnaps, she does an awesome job, you should check them all out.