Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super Size

Finally.  Aquaseal is normally sold in .5oz or 1 oz. sizes which just don't seem to be very reasonable considering we're lathering the sidewalls on tubulars with it.  Found some super sized 8 oz's online the other day.  Much easier to work with.  Man this rain has me thinking I may want to put some Rhynos on for the mud!  Should be pretty cool actually if we get some races that aren't bone dry, we only seem to get the hard weather for Montrose every year.  Right now rain is predicted for Sunday at Jackson park.  One week from now we'll be lining up for the start.  I'm excited to do VEGAS cross this year, but I'm not mixing in with the pros, just not realistic.  I'm doing the dealers race, and I'm sure there will be some sleepers in there with me, SRAM is loaning me a Ridley to ride I think so that sounds awesome.  Both my bikes will be ready to roll on Monday so I feel much better about that.  The swap to Red has me feeling totally at home on both bikes.  Rain rain rain, maybe the semi slicks should hit the shelf, and the mud tires come out to play.  Off to ride in the rain for a couple hours, but I'm running inside, thank god for treadmills.