Monday, October 27, 2008

Bartlett Cyclocross

The trip out to Bartlett has been on my mind for awhile now, last year's course was kind of mind numbing, and again there were some great improvements on the 2009 course!  I thought it was really good, a lot of it was the reverse of what we used last year, with some more tight turns, and a little mud thrown in it was really much better than 08.  I had a really tough race here last year, and this wasn't much different, the long sections between technical bits, and the headwind really got to me.  I got a great start and faded a bit, but was happy to bring a couple people back, toward the end.  Mentally that just helps to know you didn't fade the entire race.  Still waiting on the tallies for all the results of the Pony Shop Cross Team, but once again we were out in force.  So far....Me 6th or 7th?, Mark 9th, Jim and Roman top ten in the 40 plus, bryan R. 3rd in the 40 plus, Cliff 10th in the 4A's, Luca was 4th in the pro race, lots more to come in...but Jack Won the 4A's!  He's been knocking on the door and now he got it done, congrats!  It was even a sprint finish!  Thanks to Carolyn for all the awesome photos, once again!  Thanks to Greg for the belgian beer I enjoyed last night after the race!

I just want to say how thrilled I am to be a part of the Chicago Cyclocross scene, I can't thank everyone enough, the promotors, sponsors, teams, for putting everything they have into the races.  The growth we've seen, both in the level of competition, the quality of courses, and the size of the fields, is awesome.  Cheers to everyone involved!