Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Before and after, I think I like the Alpha Q better.  It is clear coated so that matches the Kona frame better than the Easton fork did, although I'm not sold 100% on the forward arch of the fork legs, visually hard to get used to.  Speaking of forks it was interesting to notice that the "new" Ridley fork that comes on the X-Night is the same fork that came on my Colnago C50.  Not sure who makes it but it works well.   Notice in the top photo how the right STI is "hyper extended" toward the outside of the handlebar?  I think we were all too shocked by the fork to notice.  It still works though, which is a testament to their durability.  I wonder if a red or campy lever would have broken off?  Not sure but we'll see if this one keeps working, it's a little off centered now but other than that feels normal.