Thursday, October 9, 2008


Good practice last night, did our starts in the soccer field, there were no soccer kids because the fields were too flooded to play.  Ha, not too flooded for cross.  I actually heard someone say "it's kind of soupy over here"  I quickly shut that non cross attitude down and the starts began.  I like getting dirty like that because when you take a shower you know you got your moneys worth, you can see you're cleaner.  You can see Sondag with the ultra pimp ridley getting it all dirty and broken in, it was not slowing him down at all, what have I done.
This is Sam.  Sam has a Cross Bike.  Now I've seen him and his bike get dirty, glad to have you out there.  Speaking of out there, Cliff and Carolyn were missing, and I heard that Carolyn was having to talk Cliff into getting out to practice in the wet...shame shame.  
Ernie checking out Roman's new fork.  Roman was keeping a good perimeter around his bike after the fork breakage at the DeKalb race.  Roman can't keep his hands off my sweet uber pump, I have a christmas idea for Allison.  Lastly, sorry I had to jet out of there last night, we had a family emergency, thanks for cleaning up the barriers.