Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Million dollar embrocation remover.  Used up some cold weather Mad Alchemy Embrocation tonight, alright I was pushing the threshold of the coldness recommendation range  a bit but wanted to see what kind of bite it had before using it on race day, and damn I will say I am still burning.....this stuff is potent and pretty awesome.  I also have their warm weather embrocation, which will be my embro of choice till we it the 40, and below temps.  Oh yeah and keep away from any mucous membrane, I'm not kidding.  All seriousness check them out, it's always nice to support a small guy who loves the sport as much as we do, not to mention his product is some of the best I've tried.  Seriously though, patent pending, patent pending on the embrocation removal salve.  Now all kidding aside how do you get this off, I have to be on the bike at 5 am and don't think I can sleep with it on.