Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I had a good conversation with a fellow cross guy the other day about this season.  He was feeling behind the 8 ball a bit this season, and I certainly felt a little shell shocked this year coming out and getting spanked at Jackson Park.  After the beating I took at JP I really had some doubts roll through my head.  After putting those doubts into perspective I really thought about why I race cross, because it is the most fun I've ever had riding a bike, period.  It is so much fun, the crowds are so great, the venues are awesome, the fellow competitors are cool, and it's fun to be part of something that is growing bigger by the year.   We ended up discussing  how I feel that every year when it's done I wish I had done more, drove further, and doubled up.  So no matter what you're thinking don't start "next year's plan" talk now, get out there and do more now, this year, these nationals.  I have a mental list in my head, believe me I have sold a lot of cross bikes over the years, they want to see the dirt, not the lakefront path, get out there.  Don't hesitate.