Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wed Night Practice

We had another great practice over at James Park last night.  The great thing about the park is that they have soccer and baseball fields so the stadium lights keep things bright long after dark.  There is talk of starting earlier but with everyone's work schedules it's hard to start much sooner.  I forgot to count but I think this was easily our best turnout of the year at least 17 people.  It was a good practice, Luca pushed me hard, then when I thought I was done made me do 5 more hot laps.  I guess I didn't learn because I was teasing him about his starts after seeing some photos from Carpentersville.  I will learn this time.  Was super excited to see Carolyn out ripping laps with us this week!  Way to go!  

Check out Luca's custom Pink striped Pony Shop socks.  College kids have too much spare time.
Roscoe village's Alex Tweedie and friend made it up from the city to do a little evening workout.  Alex is hitting up the cross scene for the first time this year and doing well it the 4b's.

Can't reveal this person's identity, but every time I tried to take his photo he covered his face.  I know it's been a bit since he was on skinny tires.