Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chicago Cyclocross #2 DeKalb

Great day, first off my hats off to Half Acre Cycling and North Central Cyclery, who put on a phenomenal race.  The park in DeKalb was absolutely perfect for a race course.  You could put on 4 days of racing and never be bored with the course.  It had everything you could want, a great flow, and never felt like things were being thrown in just to make it longer or trickier, didn't need it.  It also was a course that would change with the weather, and got more technical as it started to sprinkle on the master's races then pour during the 1's 2's.  In the masters 30 plus Mark and I both had good starts and ended up 2nd and 9th, in the 40's the duo of Roman and Jim continue to impress and put up a very solid 3rd and 4th place finish, knocking on the door gents!  I heard of massive carnage in the 4's race, jack, scotty, and cliff all started out really strong then mechanicals abounded.  There is rumor of Tony out there ripping it up on a single speed!  Welcome back my friend.  Coach Brian ramped up another strong one for 2nd in the pro 1/2 and Luca was right behind in 5th.  Devon pulled a compton and decided to race with the men's 3's, awesome choice, she looked right at home sitting in the top 8 selection for most of the race.  I haven't heard of anyone else's results but I have a car full of wheels, there was a lot mechanicals and flats out there, so more work to be done, question is more tires!!!!!  

Roman decided to be the gentleman that he is and lend his bike to Ernie for the 3 race, only to have the steerer tube sheer off on the first lap.  OUCH!  Glad no one was hurt.  This kind of thing can be scary....glad that it wasn't bad.